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What about you ?

On line on April. 15, 2014.



I love « Hearthstone » and its universe and I enjoy playing with my friends : Victor (Helgrinde), Mickaël (Mickanounet), Quentin (Skyline8D). Everybody calls me Icepeppers.


Hearthstone is an on-line game which is played with virtual cards.Players start the game with 30 points of life each and the objective is to bring down the points of the opponent to 0.


I'm a player killer ! Nobody can resist my power !


 Marc D., 2nde BP MVA.



I am a fan of french football, but I don' t practice this sport in a club.


Once a week, I watch one football match , especialy when the team of Lyon plays, because it is my favourite team.


Finally when I sometimes play football with friends in a stadium I am very happy and relaxed .I like to be the goal-keeper.


 François DIDELET, 2nde BP MVA.


We love playing League Of Legends because it's very strategic and we speak on Skype. It is a video game online on computer. In this video game we can choose a champion. We can play 5 vs 5 in a arena where there are 3 lanes, « top », « bot », « mid » and 2 « jungles », blue and purple jungles . In the lanes (bot,mid,top) there are 3 towers, 1 inhibitor and 2 towers of Nexus.


Quentin : I prefer jungle with champion Vi, in jungle there are 3 monsters .


Mickael : I prefer the position « support » with TRESH , the objective is to protect my team .


Mickael, VERGEAUD, Quentin SOURZAT.




My passion is fishing. I like fishing on the river because it is very relaxing and silencious. I am patient, I can wait for hours. It is more pleasant and funnier with friends because we can talk, tell jokes, and eat together.


At the end of the day we can also see who has caught the greater number of fish, and I often win.


Look at the carp my cousin caught during the holidays!

 Quentin Latreille, 2nde BP MVA.





I like playing Pokemon game.


Pokemon is a game apdated in gameboy pocket.


I play pokemon with my smartphone but I installed a simulator of gameboy color, the first version of pokemon is in black and white.


Pokemon is first a cartoon.


I like pokemon because it was my first cartoon.


I play the blue and red version of pokemon.

 Jérôme P., 2BP MVA. 





We are fans of « super-motard », we pratice a little. It's a beautiful sport!



It is a mechanical sport which is practiced on a super bike. A super bike is a bike to ride on roads and trails. My friends and I go riding at the week-ends, sometimes one complete afternoon.


Henri Quentin, 2nde BPMVA.





Motocycle is for me a passion.


I have two motocycles, one to go to school and see my buddies and the other to ride in competitions.


The competition are called “runs”, they consist in riding a 50cc motorbike on 150m the faster we can.


I love customizing, repairing and preparing my motocycles.  

Quentin V 2nde BP MVA. 



I play Skyrim. Skyrim is a role player game. This game is very famous for the community of gamers. Skyrim is based on the fantastic world, so it has a very beautiful graphism and the different missions are very complete. In this game I am a barbarian player,my name is Urgal and I am at level 72. The top level is level 250. My carhacter has brown long hair and blue eyes. This game is very COOL!!!!!!!!! Please come and play it!


 Steven and Steven, 2nde BP MVA.



Down Hill cycling


We like this sport, because it is dangerous, and it gives us sensations. We have got bikes: I have got a Giant Glory and Tom has a Rockrider fr 10. We do this sport during the holidays!!! We practice in the mountains, in the Alps and in Le Lioran.


This sport is extreme.It is practiced with big bikes which have special springs and a strong fork .C The bike and the protections are really expensive but safety is very important as well as calm and concentration.



Tom E. et Lucas F., 2nde BP.